Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lychee and longan yoghurt @ Lab Made

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory (Tai Hang)
This time the lychee and longan flavour caught my eye.
If they had silky tofu flavour I would have tried that too which was the latest tasting flavour for the first lucky 800 people who queued at their opening in TST.

Lychee and longan yoghurt:

I found this creative because not often lychee is mixed with longan.
Usually they are separate items in desserts such as the longan sago.
Anyway, the pairing of the two were quite nice, chunks of fragrant lychee and sweet longan in the yoghurt.
The sweetness was just right too, but I couldnt figure out why the colour was pink because both lychee and longan are white fleshed.
Crunchy sea salt gelato with caramel sauce:

The sea salt gelato was quite plain but you could taste pieces of cheerios in it.
However the salt taste was not that apparent.

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