Friday, August 16, 2013

New fig and apricot frozen yogurt @ Appolo

Appolo (Tseung Kwan O)
I love the frozen yoghurts at Appolo, they taste natrual and it is just frozen yoghurt blended with frozen fruits.

Fig and apricot frozen yogurt:The fig and apricot was a new flavour that costs $40.

I felt that it was a bit too expensive for an Appolo product because their products are usually cheap.
At $40 is costs more than some of the icecreams at LabMade.
It seems that they are slowly rebranding and making their products more deluxe such as the new ice-cream rolls.

Anyway, when it was made, they put more apricot than fig into the bowl.
They only put one small whole fig in it.

As for the taste, the apricot was more prominent and the fig was not that apparent but you could taste the occasional sweetness and seeds from the fig.

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