Thursday, August 08, 2013

Delicious potato scones after Rugby Sevens

Restaurant: The Canny Man (Wan Chai)

Canny Man is always my favourite for food.

My usual order is Haggis but this time I wanted more so I ordered macaroni and cheese, vegetarian breakfast because of the potato scones and vegetarian sausages and Haggis Spring rolls.

They were serving potato scones with the Vegetarian breakfast so I just had to get it.

There was Irn-Bru on the drinks list too!


Haggis Spring rolls with whisky mayonnaise:

When I chose this I was deciding between the spring rolls and the breaded Haggis balls, but in the end I chose Haggis spring rolls.
The spring rolls were rolled with many layers just like the spring rolls in the UK, and they were filled with Haggis in the centre.

They tasted nice with and without the mayonnaise.
Vegetarian All-Day Breakfast$108:
Two eggs, tomato, baked beans, potatoes, hash brown, sautéed mushrooms, potato scones and toast.

When it came I could not see any potato scones in the breakfast so I asked the waitress but she said the sauteed potatoes and mushrooms were the potato scones.
I was quite disappointed because that was what I came for and it was not there, but after my meal I emailed them about the situation and they told me that they ran out of the potato scones that day and did not notify the customers that ordered it, so I came back another day for them, which is why they were in a box.

The potato scones were delicious and tasted much better than the ones from Sainsburys or Tescos.
They were soft and potatoey.
Although they are called scones they do not look like scones.
Potato scones are basically mashed potatoes with flour and butter in the form of pancakes and then pan fried.

As well as the delicious potato scones, the sausages were also delicious. Initially I thought they were Quorn sausages but I found out from the GM that they were Linda McCartney's vegetarian sausages.

Macaroni and cheese:

The portion of this was quite big, and it is advised for three people because it was quite heavy.
Each macaroni was evenly covered with melted cheese and it was delicious.

A hint of pepper helps to make it more appetizing.

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