Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delicious Korean school food

School Food (Causeway Bay)
In most people's memory, school food was disgusting in the UK.
Luckily my school dinners were great and it was not even a private school, but I keep hearing stories about how miserable school dinners were.

This new Korean joint called School Food does not exactly serve school food but Korean food.

Just imagine how delightful it would be if we had this at school say once every two weeks.

As well as food, they had these really cute Athie drinks served in jugs which are great for sharing, there are four flavours.

We tried cotton strawberry and pineapple.

Cotton Strawberry athie:

The strawberry athie was really loveable with a light fizz and strawberry taste.
Pineapple athie:
The colour of this was blue which you can see behind the strawberry athie jug, its pineapple flavour was strong but it could have been more sour.
Jjang-a-chi is a root vegetable sourced from School Food’s vegetable farm and pickled.
It has been processed for more than seven times to give a unique flavor.
All their pickles are imported directly from School Food’s food factory in Korea.
The rice rolls that we tried contained the Jjang-a-chi and one of the rices had a non spicy version of it.
Spam II:

These were rice rolls rolled with spam and Jjang-a-chi in the middle wrapped in seaweed and a thin layered of omelette with mozarella cheese melted on it.
The egg and spam reminded me of breakfast and I wouldn't mind having this for breakfast.
The spam was quite interesting because the texture is different from the usual spam and it is similar to soft Gammon ham.
The spam was boiled to get rid of the chemicals and oils and then soaked in marinade for flavour.
Squid ink mari:

As well as the Spam rolls, these were my favourite, it had chunks of squid in it.
They have used the body part of the squid so that is it soft and supple.
Prawn mari:

They were delicious when they arrived, because it was still some warm.
It was like eating warm soft glutinous rice with hot crunchy prawns in the middle wrapped in seaweed.
hot pepper and anchovy mari:
These rice rolls were delicious because the tiny anchovies were crispy and the green chilis they use taste like the Mexican chilis.
Soy carbonara toppoki:

The carbonara was interesting because it was my first time trying Korean style carbonara. It had chewy Korean rice rolls and thick glass noodles.
The combination of carbonara sauce and sweet Korean soy sauce were quite appetizing but this dish is quite filling and slightly heavy.
Street style topokki:
These were rice cakes cooked in Korean chili sauce. Personally I found them too spicy.
School Naengmyeon:

The School Naengmyeon is a bowl of cold soda noodles topped with beef broth slush.
At School food, they have a machine dedicated for making beef broth slush and they freeze their own beef broths.
When the beef broth slush melts in your mouth, it is extremely refreshing and eases the spicy kick you get from the noodles.
The noodles are slightly chewy and similar to thin strands of konjac noodles because of the texture.
Pan-grilled butter bibimbap with pickles (soy):

The rice was served on a huge pan looking like a spoon, beneath the egg, there was butter and pickles.

After mixing, it is ready to eat.

There was a strong and fragrant butter taste, but I felt that the pickles could be sliced into shorter pieces so that it was more convenient to eat.
Chicken gangjeong with green onion salad:

The taste of the fried chicken reminded of fried chicken wings in red beancurd sauce and the salad that came with it balanced out the oilyness of the chicken because it was spicy and it was thinly shredded spring onions which are normally used as garnishing but when eaten alone, it has quite a pungent taste.
Snow in Seoul:
There is a choice of Ginger and cinammon tea or Coffee jelly.

The one we had was Coffee Jelly, it was nice and cooling and tasted like latte.
Avocado milkshake:

I was surprised to see this on the menu because if it is on the menu, then it must mean avocado is a popular fruit in Korea.
The milkshake was really dreamy because it was not icy at all, and it was extremely thick so the other flavours are bound to taste good too.
It reminds me of American thick shakes and the texture is like thick whipped double cream because when you put your spoon in it, you can feel how light the texture is.
All the rolls here are freshly made to order.

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