Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A new experience at a Taiwanese bakery

TOP POT BAKERY (Prince Edward)

Thanks to Dull for this delicious garlic bread.

TOP POT BAKERY has been the new talk of town.

French Garlic Soft bread:

Before I took it out of the bag, I could already smell a lovely garlic scent.
The bread had a delicious yeasty taste and chewy bread texture that a good bread should have.
After warming it up, the garlic and herbs were fragrant and it smelt like freshly baked garlic bread from the oven.
A few weeks later, we decided to go to Cafe Take A Break nearby so we made a visit here.
The bakery is laid out differently to the local ones and they had samples for nearly every bread which was good.

These were my favourites (tried and liked):
Vegetable and cheese bun (natural yeast, pizza powder, cheese).
Purple potato and cheese (natural yeast, purple potato, cream cheese).
Love heart (natural yeast, chocolate, strawberry, wine).
Earl grey pineapple bread (natural yeast, pineapple, walnut, raisin, tea, wine).
Lychee bread (natural yeast, lychee, walnut, mixed nuts, wine).
Chocolate banana lover (chocolate, banana, honey beer).
Okinawa brown sugar (natural yeast, brown sugar, mochi).
Red wine and chocolate toast (natural yeast, chocolate, wine).
Taiwanese Chinese:
In Taiwanese, yoghurt means Cheese, which explains why you see the Chinese characters for yogurt with Cheese in the English description.

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