Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Smokin' Hot Texas chicken

Texas Chicken & Ribs (Wan Chai)
I have attempted to dine here quite a few times but there is no air conditioningwhich makes it quite uncomfortable and sticky.

Went on a day that was less hot, but it was still quite hot once you started eating because the food itself was quite hot.

Grilled cajun style chicken breast with coleslaw in bun:

Initially I did not want to order it because it was chicken breast but after seeing the reviews, the chicken was quite juicy so I got it.
I definitely made the right choice ordering this because it was really good, the chicken meat was covered in thick tangy sauce, but there was not much cajun taste unfortunately.
It tasted more like Hickory sauce.
The coleslaw beneath it was deliciously appetizing.
Lemon and herbs Chicken (quarter):

As well as Lemon and herbs, there were other flavours such as BBQ, Hickory, Mango which were probably better options because they probably smother that sauce on top of the roasted chicken.
There was not much flavouring on this one except for the occasional hint of herbs and the lemon could not be tasted at all.
I would'nt mind coming here again for the cajun chicken, but for the chicken I would only get it if it just came out from the oven because it gets dry fast.
I wanted to try the ribs too but they can be on the pricey side!
The place reminded me of FLAME but more American style!

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