Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back for more musubis

Hana-musubi (Wan Chai)

Originally I planned to go to Texas chicken and ribs nearby but it was too hot that day to eat roast chicken, so I went to Hana-musubi instead.

Ended up getting a salad with two musubis and a soup.

Special miso chicken:

The pieces of chicken in the musubi were quite chunky and tender, but the miso was not strong enough.
Japanese style pork tomato curry:

There were lots of thinly sliced pieces of pork but the tomato and curry flavouring was light despite there was so much curry sauce in it.
White collagen chicken meatball soup:

This tasted as good as my first visit because on my last visit the soup was too salty.
Kewpie caesar salad sauce from China:
For my salad I chose caesar salad sauce which was by Kewpie, but surprisingly it was manufactured in China.
The taste was not that creamy with a hint of sweetness and the sauce was really runny.


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