Monday, August 26, 2013

A taste of Vietnam at Mei Foo

Little Vietnam (Mei Foo)
Went to Mei Foo for some Vietnamese food.

It is located in the residential area of Mei Foo, hence it is packed with local residents.

The menu was very extensive, ranging from simple noodles and rice to lovely dishes.

Heres what we had:
Caramel and ginger chicken wings:

I loved these chicken wings because the taste of ginger and caramel were a good pairing, the fieryness of the ginger was balanced by the sweetness.
Baked scallop with butter with garlic:

These scallops had a really rich buttery taste with a hint of sweetness.
Vietnamese hot and sour prawn soup:

It was not very hot, but quite a sweet tasting soup with strong hints of lemongrass and coriander.
Water prawn in fish sauce:

These prawns were huge and were complemented by the tangy sauce which was not too spicy.
The sauce was so nice I had it with the rice.
Vietnamese steamed parcels:

These were my favourite and they taste great without the sauce, because they were topped with delicious crispy garlic and spring onion.
Inside these parcels were vegetables, dried shrimp and black fungas.
Beef cubes with red rice:

The portion was big and the beef cubes were juicy and tender accompanied with chunky peppers and onions.
The rice was tangy but I felt that the tomato flavour could be stronger.
Vietnamese shrimp and pomelo salad:

The pomelo salad was really refreshing with lots of green papaya, zucchini and carrots.

We had Cendol ice, Tri coloured ice and Salty lemon with soda.
I had the Salty lemon with soda because I wanted something light with the meal and soda is a good drink with a salty twist from the salty lemon.

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