Saturday, August 31, 2013

Light tasting at Dabyida

Dabyida Restaurant and Bar (Tsim Sha Tsui)
I don't often hang around on the Kowloon side, especially TST because everything is spread out so I have been delaying my visit to Dabyida.
Before I came, I made a reservation and some enquiries because I was deciding on coming for lunch or dinner.
The lunch sets did not seem that interesting so I opted for the A la Carte menu in the evening.
The staff on the phone were surprisingly polite and patient on both calls.
When I got to Minden Avenue, Dabyida could be seen right across the road.

Inside it was quite nice and classy.

Ordered some light food because I was not that hungry.
Caesar salad $88:

It was crisp romaine lettuce tossed with their special Caesar dressing with bacon bits, toasted croutons and parmesan.
The salad was surprisingly good because their Caesar dressing was very sharp which is how I like my dressings to be and the bacon bits were quite flavourful too with a crunch.
The parmesan was a bit dry and crumbly but it had a slight bitter and sweet aftertaste.
Sauteed escargots $118:
Sauteed escargots with fresh spinach, mushrooms and fine herbs served with toast.

It was nice having sauteed escargots because escargots are normally baked in boring garlic butter, but here the escargots were nice and soft.
There was delicious baby spinach in it as well which was cooked just right and it had a lovely emerald green colour complemented by finely chopped chives.
The sauce was tomato sauce and it tasted like cream of tomato soup so it would be great if the tomato sauce could be more tangy.
Dabyida Mocktail $65

This was made with fresh grapefruit juice, passion fruit juice, apple juice, lemon juice and syrup.
They can adjust it according to your taste depending on what fruits you like.
The one I had was really nice because they happened to put more grapefruit in it and there were lots of grapefruit pieces in the drink.
I also requested less syrup so it was just how I liked it.

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