Monday, August 12, 2013

Butadon pork bowl @ Dondonya Shokudo

Dondonya Shokudo (Diamond Hill)
Came here because of the new Butadon pork bowl.

It is basically slices of pork with sauce and some peas sprinkled on the top.

I called before I went just to check if it was still available and whether it was served all day.
The person who answered was extremely helpful and patient unlike some other restaurants.
Tokachi Butadon:You can either choose 4 or 6 slices of pork.
I chose 4 slices.

The pork was nice and juicy and the sauce on it was slightly sweet and not too salty.
The green peas gave it a nice sweet kick.
I would prefer the pork to be leaner because it still had some fat attached and the amount of pork that I ate was equivalent to two slices and the fatty bits I did not eat.

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