Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Back for more Fujian grub @ 真真美食店

真真美食店 (North Point)
Came back here for more Fuijian grub, it is cheap and delicious, but overall too salty.

Not really my favourite but it comes with the food.
Egg :

I was expecting the egg to be cold and tasteless but it was surprisingly really nice with pieces of pickled Fujian style cabbage.
Fish and tofu:

The texture of the fish was really flaky and soft, the only problem was that it was really salty.
The tofu was really firm tofu and quite salty too, both were delicious with the rice but I only had half of it to go with the rice because the taste was very strong.
Savoury rice:

As usual, the rice was my favourite, it tastes good on its own.
The peanuts were crunchy and fresh.

The boss was sitting opposite me and he told me the sweet chili sauce would enhance the rice which it did, adding some sweetness and spicy kick to it.

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