Thursday, August 08, 2013

Taiwanese noodles in a metal bowl @ Woo Lung Yuen

Woo Lung Yuen (Tin Hau)
Came here again because the place I wanted to go was closed.

They had new black ink squid balls so tried that.

The waitress stood by my table as soon as I sat down.
I felt that the waitress was rather pushy because I needed time to look at the menu and decide what to order!
Squid ink balls and noodles in a metal bowl:

The noodles were better this time and not so rancid but the portion was really small I had to order another dish of noodles.
The squid ink balls were tastess and similar to eating rubber.
Taiwanese style stir-fried vermicelli:
Basically it was the usual stir-fried vermicelli topped with Taiwanese style minced meat which makes it Taiwanese style.
The taste was ok mixed with the meat sauce.
Green tea:The set came with a drink but it was too sweet so next time I will order the food a la carte.

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