Friday, August 09, 2013

Italiano pizza flavoured fried chicken @ KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Wan Chai)
When the new Italiano pizza chicken came out a few weeks ago, I was not really compelled to try it.
I only tried it because they launched this new Italiano mustard sauce which was not initially launched with it.

I ordered one of the meals which includes two pieces of the Italiano chicken, chicken a la king, softened egg tart with chocolate and the drink I upgraded it to a hot chocolate.
Italiano pizza chicken:
The chicken had been fried for a while so it was a bit dry.
As for the Italiano pizza flavoured coating, it just tasted like tomato and paprika powder and nothing like pizza.
Italiano mustard sauce with herbs:
I tried the sauce on its own and all I can say is that it is artificial!
But the worst thing it can taste and smell like was nail polish.
Hot chocolate:
Evidently the hot chocolate is different to the hot chocolate served at UK's KFC.
Here it is chocolate powder and hot water, but in the UK, the hot chocolate comes out from the Hot chocolate machine with silky foam on top.

After stirring it, I realised the chocolate powder had sank to the bottom, so I had to stir it.

When I finished stirring, the drink tasted very watery and sweet.
It lacked milk in the drink which could have made it taste better.

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