Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quick stop for ice cream @ Sorvegal

九記冰室 (Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro)
I was on a food tour and we were taken to this place by No 1 openricer who has written over 7000 reviews and the most reviews on OpenRice and is now a full time blogger.

Initially I thought it was an ordinary Macau cafe but then I realised they served home made icecreams, so Lai Kei Ice Cream is not the only one that serves ice cream.
If we did not stop by today, I would not have known that.

As well as icecreams they serve soda floats and guava juice which is not often served in Hong Kong.

Icecream trio $20:

There were so many flavours so I ordered the not so common ones such as Guava, ginger and taro.
I wanted to order orange and pineapple as well but you could only choose three scoops.
Basically the texture of the icecreams were quite coarse and icy because they were homemade.
In general, they all tasted really good, you could taste real guava fruit and fibre in the guava one and the ginger one was quite milky with a hint of ginger and taro was the best, it was not too sweet and tasted natrual with pieces of taro.

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