Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Okayama peaches at Cookology

Thanks to Blackhole-mini and the communications team for inviting me to the media gathering to try Okayama white peaches and Muscat grapes.

As well as trying the fruits, we also had the chance to learn and make peach crumble using these Okayama white peaches at Cookology.

These fruits are prized because Okayama Prefecture has a steady climate with a high percentage of sunny days which make it perfect for cultivating fruit.

Okayama Prefecture is also known as the land of fruit.

Okayama white peaches:

There are five types of peaches grown in the Okayama prefecture.

The one we tried today was the yume hakatu (dreamy white peach).
It was soft and extremely juicy, the peach meat is literally like a sponge collapsing into delicious peach juice.

Shine Muscat grapes:
Each grape looked perfect in every way, there was no browning or spots, and each one was plump.
The bunch of grapes were so perfect and flawless that they looked like display grapes.

Making peach crumble and peach frozen yoghurt:
For our convenience, the peach base was already done, the peaches were sliced and put in the bowl.

So all we had to do was make the crumble which was pre-measured for us.

The ingredients for the crumble were surprisingly simple, it was just flour, butter and sugar.

Basically it was mixing it together, until it turned into crumble form.

Then sugar was added, but since the peaches were sweet, I felt that it could have done without sugar.

The frozen yogurt was made by blending cream, natrual plain yoghurt and peeled peaches and freezing it.

These peaches are easy to peel and the skin comes off easily.

Natural yoghurt and cream.

Blending the ingredients.

Then taking it out of the freezer and mixing it again and freezing it.

There was a compressor which made the texture of the yoghurt smoother and not so icy.

The taste of the crumble was delicous, hot mushy peaches with buttery crumble paired with refreshing peach yoghurt.
To try these delicious white peaches, you can now buy them online at Rakuten, or get them from CitySuper from 2nd August - 9th August and 13th-19th of September because in between those dates they have other type of peaches in that range.

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