Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Novelty mooncakes from Orchid Padaria

Orchid Padaria Bakery (North Point)
I never ever buy traditional mooncakes because I hate them especially the white lotus paste and salted egg yolk.

Anyway, I saw some interesting traditional mooncakes at Orchid Padaria Bakery.

They were small ones and you could buy them separately which is good.

They had interesting flavours: Jasmine, cherry, mango, sweet potato, spicy beef, aged fruit peel, chocolate, pork floss and seaweed and many more.

Got some for friends and a sweet potato for myself.

It was really disappointing because there was no sweet potato taste, but for that size I was surprised to find some egg yolk in it.
I did not bother to take a photo of it sliced in half.

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