Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tasting @ Joy and Joy

Joy and Joy (Central)
Thanks to Joy and Joy for inviting me to their tasting event.

Heres what we tried:
Drunken pigeon:

The pigeon meat had soaked the wine, giving a strong taste, and the meat itself is more flavoursome than chicken so it was a perfect paring of wine and pigeon. Duck would have been nice but duck meat is too strong and the skin is very fatty.
Smoked vegetarian goose rolls:

These rolls are a good dish for vegetarians because it is light and healthy with lots of julienne vegetables wrapped in the beancurd skin.
Honey glazed roasted pork:

Delicious succulent pieces of roast pork.
Steamed minced pork dumpling with prawn:

The dumplings here are HUGE because of the prawns.
It was springy and meaty and the diameter of these dumplings were at least 1.5 inches.
Deep fried wontons:

These wontons were so crispy filled with delicious springy prawns inside.
All you could hear was crack, crack and more crackling of the wonton skins.
Double boiled fish maw with pig's lungs and freshly grounded almond soup:

The soup was extremely nice because there was a strong almond taste and fragrance.
There were lots of ingredients in the soup shown on the picture on the left.
Deep fried scallop and prawn wrapped in bacon:

The prawns and scallops were an interesting fusion of East meets the West in the cuisine because they were wrapped in bacon giving it a smokey salty taste.
Giant garoupa cooked in two ways - deep fried head and tail, sauteed garoupa filet:

Both the fried and sauteed styles were good, the fish was firm and springy.
Poached baby cabbage with yunnan ham:

The soup was quite nice but perhaps a little salty.
Braised rice casserole with chicken and abalone sauce:

The rice casserole looked like risotto because there was a lot of sauce.
It was rich with lots of chicken in it.
Baked almond cream buns:

The almond cream buns reminded me of the ones at Dim Sum Bar.
It oozed with delicious almond filling in the middle.
Steamed glutinous rice cakes with ginger juice:
The rice cakes looked like Thai layered puddings with the same texture, it was layers of white and brown with a ginger taste.
Freshly grounded sweet walnut soup:
The sweet walnut soup was quite nice and not too sweet.

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