Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ice Cream Gallery @ Food Expo

Ice Cream Gallery (Kwun Tong)
Went to the Food Expo with Mjqueen7e because she had some complimentary tickets.

I was surprised to see that ICG was exhibiting there, so decided to try the flavours I did not try on the Kwun Tong visit.

Jamon and Melon Sorbet:
(made with 24 months Spanish Jamon Iberico and Melon)

The sorbet tasted really nice because you could really taste the melon.
There were pieces of Iberico ham in it which had a slight hard texture because it was frozen.
It would be great if the ham and melon taste were equally prominent.
French Foie Gras Ice Cream:

The same comment as the icecreams at Kwun Tong, you could not really taste the foie gras even though there were pieces of real foie gras in the icecream because the sweetness was more prominent.
It tasted like chocolate icecream.

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