Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chinese food at Royal Legend

Royal Legend (Tin Hau)
Royal Legend is located a few steps from the MTR station. I love its location, great for rainy days and people who are not good with directions!

You can’t miss this place because it is right opposite the MTR exit which you can see on your way out.

As well as being located in a convenient location, I felt that it is a great place for corporate events and Chinese banquets/weddings because it is easy to get there.

The only disadvantage is that it does not have escalators/elevators for the elderly or disabled who would have a right job getting up there!

Heres what we tried because some items are best left untranslated because there is no point making up names for some items that do not exist.

Chinese herbal soup :

Basically it contains White Lingzhi mushrooms, sea coconut, pork.
The soup was clear and oil free.
Stir fried cordyceps flower with dalian abalone :

This was a light dish to begin with, it had plenty of beanshoots which whet your appetite.
The Dalian abalone was sliced into thin strips and stirfried with cordycep flowers and beanshoots.
It had a nice crunch from the beanshoots and the abalone was springy and delicate.
Charcoal grilled eel with honey :

These were my favourite because eels were meaty and there were not much bones.
It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the grilling process made the texture not so fatty because the eel texture is normally fatty.
The honey and lemon marinade on it was really appetizing.
Steamed egg white wtih scallop and prawn roe:

This dish is really good for the elderly because there is a lot of protein as it is mainly egg white with delicious scallops and crab roe on top.
Jade vegetables with gingko:

Jade basically means jade coloured vegetables ie celery.
I would have liked more gingko nuts in the dish, but the fresh starchy lilium bulbs and black fungas made up for it.
Grilled salted chicken :

I like the way these chicken was served because you could see it was a whole complete chicken.
The skin was fragrantly crispy with lots of aromatic sesame with tender juicy chicken beneath the skin.
Stir fried noodles with squid tentacles:

My favourite stir fried noodles with squid tentacles.
Red date pudding topped with birds nest:

A nicely layered pudding that was not too sweet and made with real dates which you could find in the layers.
The birds nest on top was great but I would not mind if it was not sweetened because the pudding is sweet.

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