Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Still needs improving a year later @ Kung Fu Dim Sum

Kung Fu Dim Sum (North Point)
Since my last visit in September I never intended to go to Kung Fu again until a recent tasting at the TST branch, the food was great there so I decided to come back for the food I tried at the TST branch.
Thinking it was the same group, the food would be the same, but the food was better at TST.
The fly that was there in September probably died because its lifespan is only a month, but on this visit, there was still a fly there, probably its nth generation

Glutinous rice balls with pork:
They looked promising because the crust was not too yellow or brown.
The only problem was the glutinous exterior was really thick, it was at least 14mm thick just like a huge Chinese style sweet dumpling with savory filling.
Chicken feet in abalone sauce:
The chicken feet were good if I have not tried them before, because at this branch it was slightly dry and stickier.
The peanuts were really nice though, they were soft and tasted like soy beans.
Chicken and sliced abalone with red rice in lotus leaf:

The rice was quite good but the sliced abalone was quite dry and dehydrated.
It would have been helpful if they served it in a shallow dish because it was hard eating it from a plate without making a mess.
It should have been served in the same way as the TST branch.
Overall, I would recommend the TST branch if you want to try this place.

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