Monday, August 26, 2013

Dizzy for choices @ 祥發茶餐小廚

祥發茶餐小廚 (North Point)
This place is famous for chicken legs in Swiss sauce and they used to be located in Causeway Bay.

To be honest I have not heard of them before when they were in Causeway Bay.

I found out about this place because of Mjqueen7e.

When I got there, I was surprised there were more items to choose from other than the chicken leg.

There is a Swiss chicken leg set which comes with a snack, Chinese noodles or pasta.
There were too many options which you can see from the menu.

In each section, there were millions of items to choose from.

In the end I came here quite a few times to try everything.
Chicken leg swiss style:

A bit too sweet for my liking but it is not as sweet as other restaurants.

I was surprised to see American Pancakes on the menu so ordered it.
It was soft and fluffy filled with peanut butter and condensed milk.
Egg, mini burger, potato cake:

I loved the potato cake, it was just simply mashed potatoes and then panfried.
The mini burger was also delicious because it was complemented with delicious gravy.
There were other interesting items on the menu:

Vegetarian dishes :
I really liked their vegetarian choices because there were at least 10 choices to choose from.

Curry monks style vegetables:

The curry was too sweet for my liking, otherwise it would have been divine, and I would have liked it if they included the normal ingredients such as black fungas and snow fungas that are usually served in Monks style vegetable because the fungas in curry sauce would taste great.
Black bean, bittermelon, tofu, Indian lettuce and enoki mushrooms:

The above dish was also good, but the black bean was not strong enough.

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