Thursday, August 22, 2013

r u a chicken or r u an eggy person? @ Chicken n Egg

Chicken n Egg (Kowloon City)
When I saw this restaurant listed, I decided it was on my list to go because I love roast chicken.

The name of the restaurant didn’t sound local just like eggspectation.
In Canada, eggspectation serves a good variety of food including breakfasts.

As for chicken n Egg, there is a restaurant called Chicken'n Eggs in downtown Colombus, Chicken or the egg and Chicken and the Egg all over America, so this place is bound to be the place to go for American expats.

I felt that they were a bit out of place in Kowloon City as it is not the place for expats to hang out, but in terms of business, they do not have much competitors there. There is another roast chicken shop a few streets away called Siu G which is totally Chinese.

Anyway, I finally found some free time to go to Kowloon City because there is nothing to see or do in Kowloon City.

The inside of the restaurant was well decorated to disguise the Chinese style of the restaurant with red bricks and modern lighting.

As well as roast chicken they had weekly specials, I decided to try the weekly specials because they are bound to change every week, whereas the roast chicken is permanently on the menu.

A la Carte menu:
The menu offers roast chicken, eggs benedict and various of breakfasts.

Chicken liver terrine:

This was the first dish to arrive and it looked promising.
There were two huge chunks of terrine with four slices of toasted baguette.

As well as that, there was guerkins, radishes and caramelised onions.
I loved the terrine, it was coarse and rich with pieces of chicken in it.
Chicken in lemon cream sauce:

The dish sounded good, but the sauce was not lemoney or creamy, but I could tell they put effort into this dish because they put appropriate herbs in it and there was some lemon rind taste too.
I was expecting a yellowish lemon gravy with a creamy taste.
The chicken was disappointing because it was still on the bone, I was expecting just pure chicken meat just like the ones you find in casseroles.
As the chicken was still on the bone, the dish felt quite Chinese.
Chicken cordon bleu:

This was the other dish that I loved.

It was on a bed of ratatouille of courgettes and aubergines.
The chicken was filled with ham, cheese and some spinach which made it look a bit like a kiev.

The mash was extremely good because in the centre, there was some oregano and garlic oil.
Eating the mash, herb sauce and chicken together was absolutely delicious and the crispy coating on the cordon bleu was really good.
I wanted to order the Caramel Flan, but the Chinese was "caramel pudding" so I did not know which description was correct, but anyway, I will be back to try the Roast chicken.

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