Friday, August 23, 2013

Scrumptious wraps with Zaatar

MANA! Fast Slow Food (Central)
After having some crappy Chinese noodles that were not really edible, I came here for some healthier food.

Simple menu for the flatbreads:

Delicious fillings for the flatbread

Mana Classic:

I decided to try the classic because it has Zaatar in it and opted for extra hummous in the wrap too.

When the wrap came, it was lovely and warm, filled with hummous and Zaatar.

The wrap was delicious because the Zaatar spices were fragrant and the hummous was filling and nutritious.
Zaatar is made with dried Thyme, dried Sumac, Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt.
Fries with garlicnaise sauce:

The fries tasted great on its own without sauce, it had a strong potato taste with a natrual sweet aftertaste and it had lovely crisp potato skin.

I chose garlicnaise because I wanted to try this sauce, but tomato would have been better because the dip did not match the fries that well.
Interesting finds:

Zaatar for sale!

Pink Himalayan salt!

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