Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reasonable food @ Mama Gohan

Mama Gohan (Sheung Wan)
After reading the reviews I decided to give this place a visit and try their minced pork curry.

The restaurant is split into ground floor and upstairs dining, the upstairs has a different menu and serves sets, the ground floor serves express food.

There are cakes in the cabinet.

It was quite good because there was self service water available to drink.
Minced pork curry:

The pile of minced meat reminded me of the meat at Curry Monogatari where there is minced meat and curry sauce.
The curry here is quite nice and tastes like curry flavoured bolognaise because of the minced meat texture and the diced carrots, however the carrots in the curry stood out because of the colour and texture, the carrots were still crunchy because they were half raw.
As well as the curry, there was a spring egg too.
This dish used to be $38 but now the prices have gone up to $43 and the portion is not that big either.
Chocolate roll:

The chocolate roll had cocoa powder sprinkled on top but I felt that it would taste ok without.

The chocolate roll was extremely moist but not soggy and it was soft too.
Surprisingly the cream in the middle stole the show because it had a lovely buttery taste and it was extremely light too and together with the moist chocolate roll, the taste was amazing.


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