Thursday, August 29, 2013


Swissbeck (Central)
If it were not for the Cronuts I would not have come here~

Currently there are only three places in Hong Kong that sell them: The Mandarin Cake Shop's Kronut for $26, Petite Amanda's cronut for $16, and Swissbeck's cronut for $30 in six flavours.

Invented in May 2013 by chef Dominique Ansel for Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, cronuts are a croissant-doughnut hybrid.

I just expected the Cronut to taste like a light chewy puff pastry hence I chose the fresh fruit one which is basically filled with cream and diced strawberries.
I devoured my cronut there so there is only one side shot of it.

As this is the only cronut I have ever tried I cannot compare it to the original one in New York or the other ones in HK, but I have read a review on the Mandarin one which seems to have a strong oily aftertaste.

They remind me of yum yum's (twisted donuts) with a icing sugar coating.
On my next visit, I will probably get the Berliner donuts.

They also sell other pastries and cookies too.

Fresh fruit cronut:

The cronut was basically two halves with cream and strawberry in the middle sandwiched together.
Each half had so many layers just like puff pastry but they were not that brittle which kept it in one piece.
The cronut was slightly sugared and was seriously delicious with the cream and strawberries in the middle which was sightly sweetened.
I felt like I was eating a strawberry turnover with cream but with more proportion of pastry.
Luckily it was not that oily and did not have a strong aftertaste like the one at the Mandarin which I read from Fungry and Fabulous's review.
It was great the cronuts were not sold out that day because I rang them a few times before going and no one answered.

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