Thursday, August 22, 2013

Perfect English lunch by the sea! @ China Bear

China Bear (Lantau Island)
My original plan was lunching at Central at some Chinese stall, but both Sing Heng Yuen and Yue Hing were closed (it was a Saturday that day), so I was pretty annoyed and randomly went to Mui Wo.

After getting off the ferry, I felt that Mui Wo was such a lovely place, there are some similarities to Sai Kung, but this place is a million times better.
I hate Sai Kung.

The sea was clear, there were no boats clotting the view or stinky boat fuel lingering in the air, the air was FRESH!

The vibes at this place was amazing, there were so many expats and Western restaurants near the pier.
There was a good bakery shop nearby too.
I was hoping to see some cows, but there were none that day.

Anyway, this was my first stop for food!!!!
I saw the words CHICKEN TERRINE and I just had to have it!
It was only $79 which is quite reasonable for British food!

Sat down, and the view was wonderful, just sea and hills infront of me surrounded by expats.

Potato and leek soup:

The soup was ok, nothing memorable.
It was the usual thick soup with flour in it.
Chicken Terrine:

As expected the chicken terrine was delicious, it was grounded chicken, herbs and some flour mixed in.

It reminded me of Christmas stuffing, anyway, the terrine was delicious with the gravy and sweet peas.
I ate the carrots too which I do not normally eat.

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